The fire was started long ago.
With just a spark it began to grow.

The wind blew to hinder the Flame.
But the Wood was to dry to play this game.

It began to crackle and rise to the sky,
Slowly, so slowly, by and by.

Rain began to pour and clouds gathered ’round.
But the fire still rose to spread on the ground.

With a snap of the fire, sparks took to flight.
And landed on the ground in the dark of the night.

Each spark that fell started to glow.
The winds once again started to blow.

But now it was in vain, the fire had spread.
There were fires all over. The wind and rain fled.

Soon all the fires joined to be one.
The fires much stronger, near to the Son.

The fire traveled at the speed of will.
To engulf everything from the cold chill.

All of this power because of one Spark.
Will you choose the Flame or stay in the dark?

So let a spark in and soon you will see,
That the spark will grow, and on fire you’ll be.

jcg – 1992/03/01

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