Apr 27 2013

The Ticket

I was given a ticket when I was young,
I was only eight, my life had just begun.
The ticket was free, I took it lightly,
But it was mine, I took it rightly.

I put it away not able to understand it,
Not sure what it was, not sure if I’d read it.
I would look at it every once in a while,
Take it again and throw it back on the pile.

Slowly, slowly I began to understand,
It said: First row first seat, in the grandstand.
Now I keep it close to me,
And I always will keep it close, you see.

The ticket doesn’t have a specific date.
Without it, when they announce it, I’ll be late.
I could even miss it, I’ve see people do it.
People with tickets, who don’t care or just lose it.

I’ve found this ticket is more valuable than any,
And whoever wants one it doesn’t cost a penny.
The only thing that you have to do,
Is follow the man who gives it to you.

Without this ticket you can’t get in.
Without this ticket you can’t begin.
The great thing is, all the tickets are the same,
Everyone gets the first seat in this game.

And once the Master opens the doors,
Everything that was his will now become yours.
The ticket, if you don’t have one, I’d get it today,
No one knows when the game starts to play.

You only get one, be careful what you do,
Don’t lose it or damage it but keep it like new.
Every week make sure that you clean it,
And every day you’ll be prepared to redeem it.

There is no price that can match this ticket,
There is no joy to match what comes with it.
You’ll get it free if you do what is right,
Follow the man who always walked in the light.

So take care my friend, and don’t take it lightly,
And wait for the game and hope for it nightly.
I have my ticket, so I’ll see you there,
Sitting with my Master, right there in His chair.

jcg –┬ácirca 1991