The Skood


Skood over novice reader, now there’s something hands-free.

If you haven’t heard of the Skood it’s because it’s not electronic. It’s an actual, tangible thingy. And it’s for every book that you read (so long as it has pages and a cover). In simple terms, it’s a hands-free bookmark. In complex terms, it’s a mathematically engineered, automatic-positioning marker that is magically autonomous and can be used in every book, volume, work, tome, etc. with the shadow benefit of being anti-displaceable.  (You don’t have to worry about losing it.)

Before the Skood there were many types of bookmarks; long ones, flat ones, skinny ones, longer ones, rounded flat ones, nice ones, shiny ones, and the most common one, the torn paper kind. Oh, I almost for got the ones with tassels, classic. Although all of these do the job of marking your place in a book, not one is a marvel, until now! The Skood will have you opening and closing your book just for fun (another shadow benefit, exercise) and another chance to peer in awe at the sleek device. When was the last time that you showed off your bookmark?  The Skood is changing that.

Why the word skood for such a practical item? There are actually three solid reasons to go with the word skood. 1) If you look at it backwards in the correct manner you will read the word ‘books’. 2) This is how my wife pronounces the word scoot. 3) The domain I had for it originally expired and I lost it. Also, one of the two urban dictionary definitions is worth agreeing with (not the lunch one).

For additional information and to purchase Skoods by the thousands check out the website: (coming soon)

Don’t be left out! “The Skood is the best thing to happen to books since pictures.”