The Path to Cross

The Savior traveled down the lighted path of charity, hope and service to find at the end a cross.
A cross of persecution, betrayal and agonizing pain and death.
And I travel down a wretched path of weakness, blindness and sin to find at the end a cross.
A cross of salvation, forgiveness and life-giving peace and joy.

In justice only, He exalted, lives. In justice only, I ashamed, perish.
A cross would be found for neither He nor I at journey’s end.
But, at mercy’s feet is my salvation, founded on justice by His works.
A cross for me to justly carry forward one for Him to mercifully pass.

His path with mine will meet one day where mercy and justice be.
A cross where justice and mercy attained perfection in one body.
His path with mine will meet at the cross on Calvary.
An undeserving cross of death for One, an undeserving cross of life for me.

jcg – 2008/05/27

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