Two Beginnings, One Ends

There were…
Two strangers cast on an island.
Both washed ashore with nothing but life.
The boat had sunk. Their goods had vanished.
A new struggle overburdened with strife.

They had not known the one or the other.
Each history was more obscure still.
But circumstance served as the mediator,
As they found harmony more fit the bill.

Together the two fashioned one true soul.
A desire of oneness was rescued at sea.
The promised gift of forever sweetens life.
An eternal view of the future was the key.

There were…
Two lovers navigating between crowds,
Each possessing a treasure of whims.
Their boat had come in like no one else’s,
A life of choices bursting over the brims.

For years they had been connected.
Both had leapt from a similar place.
But times allowed for freedom to rule,
As they discovered their personal space.

Idly the new strangers drifted in two.
A rut of isolation emerged from the trend.
The vanities collected simply delay demise.
A foolish view of the present was the end.

-jcg 2013/4/24

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